Recap of January 2015

So we are on the last day of January 2015. Its hard to believe that we are through the first month of 2015.
I am reminded by this quote i heard before

The days are long but the years are short

To make sure I dont feel like wasting my time, I want to post some of the things that I have done in each month of 2015. Hopefully by doing it I will realize that I have made progress towards my goal / resolutions.

Before I start lets recap my 2015 resolutions.

  1. Grow closer to God.
    This is my no 1 wish on my birthday. And I will still list this as my no 1 priority. Its hard to quantify this but lets see how I go.
  2. Read more books.
    I always feel I grow as a person when I read books. But sadly I could not arrange this to be in my priority list so this always slipped through.
  3. Healthy lifestyle.
    Lets see. I want to try eating more healthy foods. I want to try exercise more regularly. And I want sleep and be able to wake up early in the morning.
  4. Take barrista lesson.
    This is lower priority but I always want to do this.

Grow Closer to God

This month I had the privilege to join mission trip from IPC Sydney. We went to Manado serving the area of Wori & Kimabajo. It was such an amazing experience. People say that we need to be a blessing to other people but by going to mission we are the one who is blessed. This quote from my friend really strikes a note.

“We are not bringing Christ to poor communities. He has been active in these communities since the creation of the world, sustaining them, Hebrews 1:3 says, by His powerful Word. Hence, a significant part of working in poor communities involves discovering and appreciating what God has been doing there for a LONG time.” ― Steve Corbett

Hopefully this is not my last mission trip. I am truly blessed by the mission.

Not only that, I had 2 classes of learning Greek with my best friends. We learnt the alphabets.
So far so good. Hope to be able to read the original bible someday in the future.

Read More Books

I have not read much book this month.
I could not finish the book Prayer by Tim Keller.
Now I am starting a new one – Screwtape Letter by CS Lewis.

Hopefully i can do better on February.

Healthy Lifestyle

This month I ran a total of 27.3 km from 9 days.

On February I hoped to start joining gym.

Thats it for now. Onwards …

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